During your short, extended or life-long stay on the islands, you can wear just about anything you want. What you need to know is where and when to wear it.

If you are interested in packing, dressing or shopping like a “true Greek Islander,” do note that the term does not necessarily refer to a person who was born or raised here or has ancestral ties to the island itself, but rather applies to a citizen of the world, who has settled in the Greek islands or who “migrates” there for the warm months.

If there’s one key word for style, it is “effortless.” There was a reason Coco Chanel dictated that “luxury equals comfort.” Still, comfortable and stylish mean one thing in the Hamptons, another thing on the French Riviera and definitely something completely different when you emerge from the ship in the bustling, windswept port of Mykonos, Antiparos or Santorini under a merciless Aegean sun.

”Avoid synthetic fabrics, animal prints and obvious designer labels unless you’re a celebrity who can get away with it”

A few styling tips might come in handy, even if you only use them as tools to spot the insiders while practicing the refined art of discreet but merciless people-watching that goes on 24/7 on this endless catwalk of an islands. (Nobody stares; everybody notices.)

+ flowing, airy pants are preferable to dresses,

+ shorts are preferable to skirts and

+ loose, long dresses and skirts blend into the environment better than tight-fitting items.

Organic materials in your clothes and accessories are essential (the only plastic that will be respected is your credit card).

Create your drama in layers of linen, cotton, canvas and denim over silk, chiffon and jersey.

It is safer to steer clear of animal prints, screaming designer logos and too much bling. (Please ignore this last sentence if you are Kanye West).

If you are a lady and you absolutely have to wear high heels, go for solid platforms. However, keep in mind that the rugged landscape and the cobbled streets mostly welcome flats, such as sandals, flip flops and espadrilles.

When all that is said and done, by all means, don’t let any of the above deter you from expressing yourself in any style you like. Above all, in the Greek islands every look and every personality is welcome with open arms: from preppy to trans, from hippy to elitist/glamorous, from surfer to nautical and from humble to eye-poppingly extravagant. Here there is room for everyone together under the same roof, under the same sky. In fact, a mixed, slightly odd crowd is not only a good sign; it’s a recipe for some serious, unforgettably fun time.

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